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Leading and organising international student field trips to Chinese university and instries

Dongmei Cao (Reviewer), Tammy Mudd (Organiser)
20 Apr 20193 May 2019

Activity: Other

Coventry University Inclusivity in Research Project

Zainab Naqvi (Contributor)
Mar 2019 → …

Activity: Other

Lumen Prize Judge

Ruth Gibson (Examiner)
30 Aug 2019

Activity: Other

EPSRC Panel meeting

Eun-jin Kim (Member)
11 Dec 201912 Dec 2019

Activity: Other

Successful PhD completion

Darron Dixon-Hardy (Supervisor), Mansour Qubeissi (Supervisor), Peter J. Heggs (Supervisor), Zinedine Khatir (Contributor), Moustafa Al-Damook (Contributor)
29 Aug 2019

Activity: Other

Co-Investigator on a Research Project

Isaac Amoako (Recipient)
Jul 2018Oct 2018

Activity: Other

Co-principal Investigator: EventRights (SEP-210495732)

Rui Biscaia (Member)
Nov 2018Oct 2022

Activity: Other

Vice Chair

Leanne De Main (Chair)
1 Nov 2018 → …

Activity: Other

Light Moves Screendance Lab

Ruth Gibson (Organiser), Bruno Martelli (Organiser)
12 Nov 201814 Nov 2018

Activity: Other

BBC World Service Interview for Click

Ruth Gibson (Interviewee)
18 Sep 2017

Activity: Other

SKY Television - A Different Kind Of Woman

Ruth Gibson (Interviewee)
6 Sep 2017

Activity: Other

Islamic Law and Human Rights

Ayesha Shahid (Reviewer)

Activity: Other

Chairing the UK-India Agricultural Ecology Initiative

Barbara Smith (Reviewer)
1 Jan 20151 Jan 2020

Activity: Other