EPSRC HEED Data Repository: Nepal Household Appliance Survey



The dataset deposited here was prepared under the EPSRC-funded Humanitarian Engineering and Energy for Displacement research project (EP/P029531/1). The project aimed to understand the energy needs of displaced communities, create an evidence base on the usage of different energy interventions and provide recommendations for improved design of future energy interventions to better meet the needs of people. 

As part of the project, three Appliance surveys were conducted in the Uttargaya settlement in Nepal. Appliance surveys are designed to assess the energy needs of a community based on the devices they use. The surveys span three instances across 18 months, starting in October 2018 and ending in April 2020.

The survey splits the participants into four categories, organised into sheets, based on the type of metering participants have: 'bulk meter'; 'sub meter'; 'do not possess meter' and 'do not have electrical connection'.  The survey anonymises the name of participants and assigns them a unique id as a household number. Information is recorded on the gender of the household owner, the number of people in the household, the type of their electricity connection and the payment type for the electricity connection. The survey collects information on how many of the following appliances have: Electric Bulb; Mobile charger; Refrigerator; Television; Electric Radio; Table Fan; Electric Iron.
Date made available2021

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