Dataset supporting the paper: Truth table invariant cylindrical algebraic decomposition

  • Russell Bradford (Creator)
  • James H. Davenport (Creator)
  • Matthew England (Creator)
  • Scott McCallum (Creator)
  • David Wilson (Creator)



The files in this data set support the paper "Truth table invariant cylindrical algebraic decomposition" by Russel Bradford, James H. Davenport, Matthew England, Scott McCallum and David Wilson. They include the following: 1. A Maple worksheet and library file concerning the Maple results for the worked examples throughout Sections 1-7 of the paper. 2. A zipped directory of files concerning the worked examples from Sections 1-7 of the paper, this time when studied with Qepcad-B. 3. The example set that is the subject of the experiments in Section 8.2 of the paper, whose results were summarised in Table 2, and an example Maple worksheet that uses this set as input. 4. A Maple worksheet that shows how the numbers from Maple in Table 3 in the paper were obtained. 5. A zipped directory of files showing how the numbers from Qepcad-B in Table 3 in the paper were obtained.
Date made available2015
Publisher University of Bath

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