Alien Futures Horizon Scanning dataset

  • Katharina Dehnen-Schmutz (Creator)
  • Thomas Boivin (Creator)
  • Franz Essl (Creator)
  • Quentin J. Groom (Creator)
  • Laura Harrison (Creator)
  • Julia M Touza (Creator)
  • Helen Bayliss (Creator)



    The data are the result of the Alien Futures Horizon Scanning project.  They were collected through an open online survey  (EnglishSurveyFinal.pdf) to poll specialists and stakeholders from around the world as to their opinion on the three most important issues that may affect the future global and local management of biological invasions in the next 20 to 50 years both globally and at their respective local working level.

    The dataset also contains the categorisation of these issues into topics conducted by the Alien Futures team and presented in:

    Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Boivin, T., Essl, F., Groom, Q. J., Harrison, L., Touza, J. M., Bayliss, H. (2018): Alien Futures: what is on the horizon for biological invasions?. <em>Diversity &amp; Distributions </em>DOI:10.1111/ddi.12755

    Date made available2018

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