Thinking Higher and Beyond: Alternative Futures of ASEM Education

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Period15 Dec 2021

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleThinking Higher and Beyond: Alternative Futures of ASEM Education
    Description2021 marks the 13th anniversary of AEP – the ‘youngest’ sector with great potential in the ASEM family. Seeing AEP growing, we can reasonably hope that its future will be longer than its past. At a glance, it takes after its ‘parents’, such as the Bologna Process and the ASEAN Higher Education Space, but AEP has been creating its own identity and has all good reasons to think higher and beyond what has been achieved. At this age, AEP is faced with options and opportunities enabling it to test new ideas to craft its alternative futures.
    In the last two years, AEP has been profoundly affected by the pandemic where societies, economies, higher education systems, as well as the climate, change faster than ever before and require collaborative and innovative solutions. To respond to its members’ diverse needs for post- Covid recovery in uncertain times, AEP needs to create its alternative futures – multiple possible futures – based on the constellation of ideas and initiatives. This article puts forward three feasible ideas aimed at (re)creating productive synergies with other education projects and processes through building a sustainable AEP Honeycomb Network, a Woodwide Web of Universities, and Redefining Success in the ASEM region.
    PersonsQueAnh Dang