The EHEA and ASEM: Creating Regions of Higher Education

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Reflections on regionalism and higher education via direct observations at Asia-Europe Meeting Education Process and European Higher Education Area ministerial meetings.

Period18 Jun 2015

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Media contributions

  • TitleThe EHEA and ASEM: Creating Regions of Higher Education
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    DescriptionThe EHEA's vision by 2020 is to enhance the quality and relevance of learning and teaching; to foster the employability of graduates, to make the systems more inclusive; and to implement agreed structured reforms in all member countries, whereas ASEM's vision is to create a single higher education area linking Europe and Asia where mobility of students, teachers, researchers, ideas and knowledge would be the core common goal. despite the differences in geographical boundaries, purposes and stages of cooperation, the two groupings share a common feature: 'creating regions of higher education'. Over the years, these regional spaces have not only influenced policy-making at the national level, but also reshaped the landscape of global higher education. This educational regionalism has changed the ways people organise places, spaces, and institutions when thiking about higher education.
    PersonsQueAnh Dang