The Adriatic, sea of stories

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Period16 Apr 2021

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Media contributions

  • TitleThe Adriatic, sea of stories
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    DescriptionThis post on the official blog of the Cambridge University Press academic publications promotes the volume I edited – Byzantium, Venice and the Medieval Adriatic. The Adriatic is a long, narrow sea, connecting two very different coasts (with two very different hinterlands). It thrives on trade and exchange. It is a liminal region between the East and West, and a key channel of communication between the two. Throughout human history, only the Roman empire has managed to claim the whole Adriatic as a unified political space, and even then, when Emperor Diocletian divided the empire into two halves, the separation line went down the east-west axis of the Adriatic. Many chapters in the book explore the Venetian story, discussing the city’s origins, its involvement in the crusades and its relationship with Byzantium. The appeal Byzantium, the only legitimate heir to the Roman empire, held for the Adriatic communities was huge. Venice benefitted enormously from the trade privileges Byzantine emperors granted it and other cities, such as Ravenna and Ancona, owed much to good relationships with the empire as well. The volume also features case studies on two centres on the eastern Adriatic coast which has received less attention in international scholarship, due to the respective post-war political histories of Croatia and Albania. One investigates the Dalmatian city of Zadar, which interested Byzantium in the early middle ages and was a thorn in Venice’s side well into the thirteenth century. The other explores early medieval Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which expanded and contracted from the sixth to the eleventh century in response to the economic changes that affected the Adriatic.
    PersonsMagdalena Skoblar


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