Shell Eco Marathon

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    First appearance of Coventry University at the Shell Eco-MArathon. Project lead by Christophe Bastien

    Period8 May 2008

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitleShell waves the green flag in race to build most fuel-efficient car
      Degree of recognitionNational
      Media name/outletThe Guardian
      Media typeWeb
      Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
      DescriptionPetrolheads should look away now. Engineers and racing car enthusiasts are gathering in Germany today for a car race with a difference – one that does not reward the fastest car, but focuses instead on the most fuel-efficient. In this Shell sponsored Eco-marathon, the best cars could travel the entire length of Britain five times on a single gallon of petrol
      Producer/AuthorAlok Jha (The Gardian)
      PersonsChristophe Bastien