Perilous Journeys : Aviation in Pakistan

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Rashid Ali, an academic who teaches avionics at the University of Hertfordshire, says senior aviation officials in Pakistan have told him that two other planes diverted to Lahore that evening rather than attempting to land in Islamabad. He wonders if the full truth will ever come out. "But in Pakistan it is easier to brush things under the carpet and just blame the dead pilot," he says.

Period4 Jun 2012

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Media coverage

  • TitlePerilous journeys: aviation in Pakistan
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletThe Guardian
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionOn 20 April, a Boeing 737 operated by Bhoja Air went down in a storm as it was approaching to land, scatting debris and body parts over a wide area. It was the revamped airline's maiden flight from Karachi. The tragedy occurred almost two years after another storm during which an Airblue flight from Karachi sailed over the buildings that house Pakistan's bureaucrats and smashed into the side of the Margalla Hills, killing all 146 on board.
    Producer/AuthorJon Boone
    PersonsRashid Ali