Op-Ed: Pemimpin narsis tidak selalu buruk–riset buktikan mereka bagus mencari pendanaan ‘startup’ (Narcissistic leaders aren't always negative—research shows they excel at securing funding for startups.) (The Conversation ID)

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It is my recent publication featured as Op-Ed in the Conversation Indonesia. Our research title is "‘No Better Fund Without Me!’Do Narcissistic Start-up Entrepreneurs Succeed in Venture Funding?" Published in Journal of Entrepreneurship (LINK).

The Op-Ed summary is as follow:

While narcissistic leaders can stimulate innovation and financial success, their traits—such as arrogance and a lack of empathy—can create discomfort within the organization. Research primarily focused on larger corporations until a study in Indonesia revealed a positive correlation between narcissistic founders and successful fundraising, contrasting previous findings in Italy and the US. The charisma and persuasive abilities of narcissistic founders help in securing funding, but caution is advised. Despite initial success, narcissistic traits can negatively affect long-term company performance, employee productivity, and innovation. This highlights the need to prioritize business models over charismatic personalities in the startup ecosystem, particularly noting that exceptional startups might struggle to secure funding without charismatic founders.


Period13 Dec 2023

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Media contributions