Muslim Nations Could Host Olympics from 2020 Onwards: Study

  • Kasim Randeree

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Ten Muslim-majority cities that could realistically pitch to host the Olympics from 2020 and beyond, despite cultural, political and climatic hurdles was identified by an Oxford University academic. With London readying to pass the baton to Rio de Janeiro, which will host South America's first ever Games in 2016, the study probes over the possibility of Muslim nation hosting the coveted sports event as never before has an Olympics been held in a Islamic country. Kasim Randeree, a researcher at the internationally renowned Said Business School in study stated Istanbul near-top in his list, which has bid in vain on four previous occasions, and also cites several other potential city bids, having merit. Randeree claimed that fierce summer temperatures would work against the Gulf cities, and even though the oil-rich states could climate-proof venues, signature Olympic events such as the marathon would still be adversely affected.

Period14 Aug 2012

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Media contributions