Muslim nations could host Olympics from 2020 onwards – study

  • Kasim Randeree

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Muslim world cities could realistically pitch to host the Olympics from 2020 and beyond, despite cultural, political and climatic hurdles, a leading Oxford University academic said.

Kasim Randeree, a researcher at the internationally renowned Said Business School, said in a study that Istanbul, which has bid in vain on four previous occasions, tops the list.

With London readying to pass the baton to Rio de Janeiro, which will host South America’s first ever Games in 2016, the report explored the possibility of a Muslim nation hosting the coveted sports event for the first time in Olympics history.

“From the perspective of the broader international community, engagement with the Muslim world could not be more necessary or timely … and sport has historically been demonstrated as an effective tool in achieving similar goals,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Randeree, as saying.

Period12 Aug 2012

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