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Jaguar aficionados will be enthralled by stylish books.

NO WONDER the subheading on Jaguar Design is “A story of style”, because that is invariably what aficionados end up speaking about wherever they assemble. Written by Nick Hull and with a foreword by Jaguar design  director Ian Callum, this big,  heavy, lavishly illustrated,  500-page tome tells in fine detail the story of the marque’s styling, from the firm’s inception to the current day. Some of the images are breathtaking — just like the story of Jaguar itself — but you’ll need strong arms to read it for long. Published by porterpress.co.uk, it is £90, but worth every penny. If you prefer something more lighter and bite-sized — not to
mention considerably less costly — James Mann’s Jaguar Cars is also an enjoyable romp through the marque, looking at 50 of the firm’s most iconic models, from the original SS Jaguar name — which first appeared in 1935 on a  2.5-litre saloon — to today’s  F-Type and even the C-X75 supercar concept. Published by Motorbooks, it is £12.99.         DW

Period21 Jan 2016

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