British Academy commissions new research into Faith-Based Services during COVID-19

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    A Coventry University research proposal around the impact of COVID-19 on Christian Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs) in the UK, has been selected for a British Academy 2020 Special Research Award.

    COVID-19 has profoundly affected individuals, communities, and society as a whole, and during this time FBOs have been providing much needed support for vulnerable and marginalized people across the nation.

    Professor Paul Weller and Dr Sanjee Perera from The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) received just under £10,000 for their pilot project, which aims to bring to light the additional demands placed on these groups during this pandemic.

    "It is privilege to be funded by the British Academy for this project in which I and Dr Sanjee Perera will be working together to deliver what, in these challenging COVID-19 times, are socially important project aims, objectives and outcomes. In doing so, we are building out of a great tradition of impactful research at the interface between religion, belief and society undertaken from within CTPSR."

    Professor Paul Weller, CTPSR

    Professor Weller and Dr Perera plan to use the funding boost to geo-map Christian FBOs by region across Britain, and identify organisational, human and financial issues arising from the initial crisis and its immediate impacts.

    By understanding the health and durability of FBOs as they begin to emerge from the lockdown, the researchers hope to inform future developmental research, strategy and policy in COVID-19's exit phases.

    If not appropriately addressed, the organisational stress and possible insolvency of FBOs will likely result in further detrimental impacts within wider British society and beyond.

    Period4 Aug 2020

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