"A Venetian Inquisition’s case" for the British Council’s Venice Fellowship 2023 publication

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British Council’s Venice Fellowship 2023 publication, ‘Dancing before the moon’, pp.76-79, “A Venetian Inquisition’s case: the 1620 trial against Fra Bonaventura Capridonio”. https://venicebiennale.britishcouncil.org/fellowship/about (magazine at the bottom of the page), or long link  https://venicebiennale.britishcouncil.org/sites/default/files/british_council_venice_fellowship_programme_2023_-_projects_reflections_-_dancing_before_the_moon.pdf  

Period6 Dec 2023

Media contributions


Media contributions


  • history
  • inquisition
  • Venice
  • Venice Biennale
  • British Council