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A translocal collaborative dialogue-based project linking researchers, artists and students in three cities: Regina, Canada; Coventry, UK; and Gyumri, Armenia. Devised by Rachelle Viader Knowles as a constituent project of Meet In the Middles: Stations of Migration and Memory in Art and Film: http://www.mitmproject.info. The project presented a platform for translocal (local to local) creative interactions using online screen-based media and on the ground dialogues. The project utilised a practice-as-research methodology, to further research in the area of education-as-art which blurs the distinction between ‘art’ and ‘education’, the so-called educational turn in art. Bishop (2012, 241). Four outputs resultant from this project:
1. Three linked live project exhibitions: at the Fifth Parallel Gallery in Regina, Canada; the Lanchester Gallery in Coventry, UK; Gallery 25 in Gyumri, Armenia (Sept – Oct 2014).
2. A suite of 5 linked papers presented as a colloquium session “#3CityLink: a translocal art/pedagogy exchange project” at the Arts In Society conference (Imperial College London, July 2015). Colloquium speakers: Rachelle Viader Knowles, Craig Barber, Jane Ball, Jacqui Speculand and Christine Ramsay.
3. Co-organiser of the Meet in the Middle Symposium, 5th November, 2016, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Canada. Panel presentation exploring #3CityLink as part of Panel 1: Meet in the Middle: Stations of Migration and Memory Between Art and Film. Organiser and Chair of Panel 2: Curating Art/Film/Expanded Cinema.

4. A co-authored journal article. #3CityLink: Disrupting Learning Through a Translocal Art Pedagogy Exchange Project. Wimpenny, K.Knowles, R. V., Ramsey, C. & Speculand, J., 23 Sep 2018, in: The International Journal of Art & Design Education. (In-Press).

Period5 Nov 2016 → 5 Nov 2017

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitlePresentation at the Meet in the Middle Symposium
    Media name/outletMeet in the Middle documentation
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionPresentation at the Meet in the Middle Symposium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0aKIadW9AE
    PersonsRachelle Viader Knowles
  • TitleMeet in the Middle Symposium presentation
    PersonsRachelle Viader Knowles


TitleMeet in the Middle Symposium
LocationMacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Period3 Nov 2016 → 6 Nov 2016


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  • educational turn in art
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