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  • Sathees Kunjuthamby (Visiting lecturer)

Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting an external academic institution


Sathees Kunjuthamby was invited by the Toulouse Business School as a Visiting Lecturer in International Business to teach at the International Electives Program for the Bachelor in Management Program. Sathees was teaching from 13th March to 17th March 2017 at the Toulouse Business School Campus. He delivered his module International Business, specifically designed for the delivery at TBS, consisting of four Lectures and four seminars/workshops with a final assessment. Students have particularly enjoyed the session where Sathees used lego bricks in the classroom. Students were asked to use the resource to build a metaphorical model to explain the challenges in international business. This activity offered the students to build stories using lego bricks in imaginative settings and provide a narrative for their model. 32 Students have attended and successfully completed the module over the one week, which was part of their overall degree at Toulouse Business School and hence were awarded the required ECTS credits accordingly. Students at TBS have also completed successfully an Online International Learning Project (OIL) over the one week that was developed and designed by Sathees, which took place between the students at Coventry University and students from TBS Toulouse Business School. The International Electives Program took place from March 6th -17th March 2017 in Toulouse, where TBS host visiting professors from all over the world. Sathees received an excellent module evaluation and student feedback indicating that students have fully enjoyed the module over one week at TBS.
Period13 Mar 201717 Mar 2017
VisitingToulouse Business School