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    HENRY DANIEL TALK: FRIDAY 11TH NOVEMBER "A Contemporary Nomad: The Trajectory of a Research Practice"

    Hosted HENRY DANIEL TALK: FRIDAY 11TH NOVEMBER17:00 - 18:15 ICE BuildingTITLE: A Contemporary Nomad: The Trajectory of a Research PracticePart of the C-DaRE Seminar Series 2016

    This talk attempts to situate a trajectory of work that is trans-disciplinary and trans-national in context. It locates this researcher between two multi-year research projects; “Project Barca: New Architectures of Memory and Identity (2011-2014) – otherwise known as Going West to Find East/Going East to Find West, and “Contemporary Nomads” (2016-2021), a research/creation project that responds to the current and unprecedented movement of large groups of people world-wide. Although we are well aware of the current refugee crisis that’s been posing such an enormous problem across Europe, we seem to have forgotten that this crisis is perhaps an extension of a larger phenomenon that has been playing itself out through hundreds of years of colonization. Contemporary Nomads addresses the particular through the general, the present crisis through past events. It explores the dynamic maps that are constantly being created, maps that have specific cortical and cartographic correlates, which inevitably determine the terrain of our socio-economic, cultural, political, and spiritual lives.
    Period11 Nov 2016
    Visiting fromSimon Fraser University (Canada)
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