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The formal study of touch has recently surged in interest, notably during the pandemic (Bannissy 2022; Kapadocha 2023; Ben-Arye et al. 2021), reflecting a shift towards understanding touch's impact on mental health (Carter & Wrench, 2010; Field, 2002; Jakubiak & Feeney, 2019). Scientific inquiry intersecting with societal changes emphasises the need for innovative approaches to re-engage with touch, both in-person and online. This presentation delves into a practice-as-research PhD project (Henley, 2023; Melrose & Sachsmaier, 2017) , exploring creative methods to replicate touch experiences in online or remote settings. The primary goal is to devise creative methods enhancing positive touch interactions in virtual spaces or over distances, prioritising mental well-being and accessibility for individuals unable to engage in close physical contact. Implications extend to future research on understanding touch in online environments, contributing to academic knowledge in dance and other touch-based fields. The discussion incorporates findings from a systematic review (Gauhe et al., 2023) exploring how touch-related fields adapted traditional methods for the virtual landscape. Additionally, insights from an expert interview study highlight how artists adapted their methods to create online multi-sensory experiences. Furthermore, the presentation explores practical research with two recent projects incorporating audio-recorded performances, aiming to rekindle participants; connection with their sense of touch, fostering engagement despite physical distances.
Period8 Apr 2024
Held atTechnische Universität Dresden, Germany, Saxony


  • dance
  • touch
  • online
  • remote
  • multi-sensory
  • performance
  • audio-recording