Civil Society in Algeria - Presentation to the EU Delegation in Algiers

    Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk


    Presentation to the European Union Delegation, Embassies and Donors in Algiers

    After an ambitious attempt towards democratic reform in 1989, Algeria tragically went on to experience one of the most brutal conflicts of the last century. After the cancelled elections, violence between radical Islamists and the Algerian military lead to huge loss of life, mass exile and rendered the public sphere a dangerous place for over a decade. Yet in defiance of these conditions, civil society grew, with thousands of associations forming throughout the conflict. Since the early 2000s Algerians have enjoyed a period of relative peace and there are now over 90,000 associations now registered across the country. Although social, economic and political turbulence continues, new networks have emerged, and increasingly, since the Arab revolts of 2011, organised demonstrations. How should we understand these recent developments and who are these new associations? How do they engage in the social and political life of the country and what influence do they have, if any, on governing elites? Are new forms of activism emerging, and to what extent is this activism leading Algerians to think about their own past and identity? To answer these questions, we will explore the these new actors in society working at the grass roots level, their strategies, their challenges, and their hopes and aspirations, as they challenge and engage the Algerian state
    Period26 Sept 2016
    Held atEuropean Union Delegation in Algiers
    Degree of RecognitionInternational